Privacy Policy

iDatafy® provides real-time information services via centralized and decentralized platforms. Please review the following sections to learn more about the information we collect, its use, and our security, privacy and compliance measures.

Personal information collection and use on each product

iDatafy® currently has three products—LeadReview®, StudentReview® and SmartResume®. Each solution is driven by unique data consortiums that provide historical information. In no case do we collect, or return, information about past consumer purchases, credit information, Social Security Number information, medical information, bank or investment information. Further, we do not allow our clients to use, or share with others, our data responses for the purpose of determining credit or insurance worthiness, or for use in employment background screening processes.

In the case of LeadReview® authorized online lead buyer clients provide certain information on their past online leads in exchange for the ability to pre-screen new leads against the same contributory database. The data is not, and may not be used for the purpose of creating lead source “black lists,” by our clients and may only be accessed on an individual record basis when a client has already permissibly received the contact information in question. The required data contributed includes: the date the client received the lead, a phone number and/or email address associated with the lead and why the client determined the lead was bad. There is also the option for clients to submit a lead’s name, address and source for additional information. All data is anonymized by source. The express purpose of LeadReview® is to help clearly identify consumers that have expressed no interest in a specific product so as to halt unnecessary marketing to such consumer. Lead seller clients may also pre-screen leads against our LeadReview® system to see our responses but do not contribute data about historically bad leads.

In the case of StudentReview® contributing partners provide FERPA compliant directory contact information on past students that have been granted financial aid and dropped out of their program so as to have the ability to pre-screen new enrollment applications against the same database to determine if any applications, or existing students, may warrant further manual review. The required data contributed includes: the date the student dropped out of the program, student name, address, phone number and email address. All data is anonymized by source. The express purpose of StudentReview® is to provide information to government agencies and departments, along with higher education institutions, in order to help them better review suspect applications and enrollments. These institutions may not use the information solely based in their StudentReview® reports to refuse entry or discharge existing students from their programs.
In the case of SmartResume® we enable trusted education and workforce skill attestation partners to create certified digital resumes for deserving recipients. The required data contributed is comprised solely of non-restricted FERPA compliant directory contact data including, but not limited to– student name, address, phone number, email address, academic honors, dates and fields of study, leadership honors, and activities. The SmartResume® recipients must agree to our Recipient Terms of Service and opt-in to activate their certified resume in order to participate. Recipients have the ability to deactivate their account at any time. All employer partners wishing to utilize the service to identify certified job talent must agree to SmartResume® partner terms of service. If you sign up for third-party email job alert services on our site, we will share your personal information with the third party to provide you with such services.

Additional terms and conditions

For a company or institution to use iDatafy® products and services, they are required to enter into a contract with iDatafy® or one of our authorized alliance partners. The terms of these contracts may further govern the use of personal information collected and maintained by iDatafy®. Where permitted by law, third parties under contract to iDatafy®; may have access to the information in our information products for the sole purpose of assisting in processing the data.


iDatafy® uses physical, electronic and administrative safeguards to protect the information in our databases. Additional information on our security measures is available upon execution of a mutual non-disclosure agreement with iDatafy®.


iDatafy® supports legislation and regulatory efforts to protect consumer privacy and choice through workable means. The data that we collect is compliant with published FERPA guidelines. If a consumer does not wish to have their directory type contact information shared with iDatafy®, or any third party partner, they have the ability to opt-out through established FERPA guidelines.

How to contact us

If you have any other questions about any of iDatafy’s information practices or products you may contact us at (855) IDATAFY or iDatafy LLC 417 Main Street Little Rock AR 72201.

Privacy policy changes

From time to time we may update our privacy policy. The effective date below reflects when the last changes occurred.

EFFECTIVE DATE: June 8, 2021

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