Learning Economy Foundation and SmartResume Join Forces to Empower Individuals and Unlock Career Opportunities
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As digital credentials evolve from simple signals of learning achievements to dynamic, verifiable assets that can be utilized by other platforms to serve learners and employers, SmartResume and Learning Economy Foundation (LEF) have partnered to help individuals tell their unique story amid an increasingly crowded and complex labor market. 

LEF and SmartResume are jointly committed to scaling LER ecosystems centered on equity, mobility, privacy and individual agency. With LearnCard, learners own and control their skills and academic accomplishments, providing them a flexible and mobile currency for the new economy. With SmartResume, job seekers’ data-rich resumes are viewable by employers and future managers without disclosing personal information that can lead to hiring bias.

Here’s how it works, and why we’re excited about the partnership:

  • Organizations can partner with LEF to deploy LearnCard, a shared, open-source digital wallet designed specifically for Learning and Employment Records (LERs). 
  • LearnCard users can then seamlessly export their badges and credentials to build a SmartResume and become discoverable by employers and within large organizations as new needs emerge.
  • With SmartResume, learners can combine traditional resume content (self assertions about their work experience, education, etc.) with interoperable, standards-based LERs to create a powerful, verifiable SmartResume.
  • Learners can opt in to SmartResume’s Certified Talent Network to become discoverable by SmartResume’s network of employers, or to submit their SmartResume to employers, including their current organization, for review for specific positions.
  • Lastly, learners can choose to download their SmartResumes as a PDF to use anywhere they search for work.

In addition to bringing the LearnCard/SmartResume joint-service to any institution or organization looking to empower individuals, this exciting partnership and integration can also be leveraged by any organization to actualize their own Private Talent Marketplace (PTM).  As a PTM operator, organizations can activate their learners/job seekers into a marketplace to be matched to a private network of employers. 

Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts!

For more information:

Taylor Kendal, Learning Economy Foundation // taylor@learningeconomy.io

Ian Davidson, SmartResume // ian@idatafy.com

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