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The race for new job talent is on for all types of positions. Even the world’s largest employers struggle to marshal the resources to recruit at all the top universities, hire the most trusted truck drivers, or find the best new computer programming talent. As if these challenges are not daunting enough, human resource leaders need to make sure that their hiring managers are not showing any conscious, or even unconscious bias in their resume review process.

How have employers tried to solve these business pains?

Hiring managers and recruiters have attempted to scale their job talent searches via online professional networking websites, but none of these profiles are certified by a trusted third party. With no certified resume profiles, there could be no certified job talent platforms to connect employers to the talent they need. That is—until now.

A better way…

SmartResume® helps leading employers solve these business problems by identifying, verifying and connecting them with certified new job talent in a more efficient and compliant manner.

Here is how:

  • We have created the world’s first consortium of education, workforce and government partners that are certifying key academic, leadership, job history and skill attestation information of their learners to our permissioned blockchain. These trusted partners, for the first time, are creating certified resumes for their students, alumni and skilled workers.
  • With our proprietary pool of certified job talent, we can now also help employers search this talent base while removing the possibility of unconscious bias influencing resume decisioning. We do this by replacing the SmartResume® job seeker’s contact information with an encrypted IDATAFIER® so hiring managers cannot be influenced by the applicant’s gender, race or ethnicity.

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