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A Resume You Can Certify

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Partner with SmartResume® to easily create certified comprehensive learner records (CLR’s) that help showcase the unique accomplishments of your current students and past graduates.

What is a Comprehensive Learner Record?

The IMS Global Learning Consortium defines CLR’s as: the new generation of secure and verifiable learning and employment records supporting all nature of academic and workplace recognition and achievements including courses, competencies and skills and employer-based achievements and milestones.

SmartResume® First To Meet IMS Global Standards for CLR’s and for Data Security

SmartResume® is the first CLR that has been certified as meeting both the IMS Global standard of interoperability and data security best practices. That means that your learners will have a certified interoperable learning record and you can rest assured that we are safeguarding your student record data using industry leading best practices.

SmartResume® only leverages FERPA compliant directory information, is 100% Opt-In and is free for your learners to use. Best of all, there are no complicated technical integrations needed to get started with SmartResume®.

If you would like to learn more about SmartResume®, we encourage you to request a free test account or live demonstration to learn more.

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