Every SmartResume® has an IDATAFIER which is an alphanumeric encrypted key that provides unique value to each recipient:

  1. SmartResume® assigns unique IDATAFIERS for each individual that is certified by a trusted partner.  The IDATAFIERS are shared with the trusted partner and they are used as a proxy identifier in place of the recipient’s contact information.  This allows trusted partners to avoid placing personally identifiable information of their award recipients on the SmartResume® immutable ledger.
  2. When an individual SmartResume® recipient applies for a job on our platform, the employer reviewing the SmartResume® does not immediately know the gender, race or ethnicity of the individual because the IDATAFIER is only visible.  If the employer decides that they want to contact the individual then they have the ability to “unlock” the SmartResume’s IDATAFIER and see the contact information of the applicant as shown here below.