About Us

Vision statement:  To become the world’s most trusted resume.

Mission statement:  Build the world’s first platform of certified job talent and minimize the risk of hiring bias.

About us:  SmartResume® is a new data consortium created by iDatafy®.  Trusted partners such as education institutions and workforce skill certifiers register academic achievements, leadership experience and certified workforce skills of their current and past students on our permissioned blockchain.  The certifications are presented on customized SmartResumes® that include links to the digital attestation by the trusted partners. The result is a resume that has been directly certified by a trusted institution and can now be used by the recipient to differentiate them when applying for a job.  Employers now also have the ability to search for certified job talent in a way they were never able to do before. We hope that you are interested in learning more about our consortium and the benefits that it can provide.